Sand Ridge State Forest - 2000

CCM - Auggie

Something about a watched pot - what is that?

Adding fuel

Also adding Fuel

Eating - One of the approved activities of the Society

The Crew starting out - It was raining

You're not expecting me to carry this - Are you?

What the ...

The couple

Auggie's Gang

It always starts with one step.

By lunch the first day it was sunny!

Good buddies!

Real good buddies!

Real real good buddies!

Packing up the next morning

This pack is huge - Can I get one like Sydney's?

A nice stroll through a pine forest

As good a place as any...

Look Ma - One Hand

Black and Blue

You guys ready yet?

Reading time - Another approved activity

More Eating


We mostly had the place to ourselves

I'll give you 1 million dollars ...

And the fine grape juice


Nap Time - Another approved activity

Can someone throw this thing for me?

A nice spot for the night - but watch out for Carlos...

This seat's mine

I guess it's time to leave

They don't call it 'Sand Ridge' for nothing

The long walk up