Mississippi Palisades - 2002

Starting the Air Mattress Fad

Mmmm - Birthday Cake

Birthday Boy

It's my birthday and I'm doing dishes - What's going on?

I Miss Mommy!

Could someone with opposable thumbs please

come over here and help me with this zipper?

I'm not sure what Cliff did, but no one's going near him!

Cain and his favorite person

Looking down to the river

Yes, we have family that looks like this

Anyone for Fajitas?

We're getting hungry!

Now that's what I'm talking about

We're getting sophisticated - Is that a screen house!

... and no hitting below the belt - now shake hands and come out fighting...

Belly Dance

Neat cave for some photos

Blue Team Photo Op

Who are the cool cats with the glasses?

The mighty Mississippi

Taking in the view.

More view 'taking-in'

Must Protect ... Must Stay Awake to Protect ...

It's a dirty job, but Mom's game

The Ladies

Look's like it's our turn for Kabob's

I'm not sure what I'm doing here - But it looks entertaining.


One more year in the record books. - This GCS is a good idea.