Starved Rock State Park, IL - 2003

Mom sporting the new GCS Official Issue Apron

Doug sporting the GCS Official Issue Fleece

Looks like turkey sausages - Yummm!

Out for a hike

Something's wrong with this bench - I think they needed a level

GCS Members Official Picture

Interesting geology

Checking out the GPS

Nice shot of the ravine

I think we hit a dead end

We need all males of the party to figure out where we're going - That means you too, Syd.

Living on the edge

Approved activity

Since they won't let me near flammable liquids anymore,

I guess I have to start the fire the old fashioned way

Anyone for a nice Chardonnay

Doing the penguin dance - We're not sure why

Getting ready for dinner

Mmmm - Tomato-Mozzarella Salad

The official Society meeting

Those pancakes are HUGE!

Dan - Stop doing the Heimlich on Kris - She's not choking on anything!

Cain! - Get down from there!

Some quality time with Mommy

Whatever it was - it was good

Call me Frances - I'll kill you

The new  Super-Luxury Suite

Living the Society motto!

If I stay way back here, they'll think I had nothing to do with this...

Friends and Family - all in one