Mississpssi Palisades, IL - 2004

Didn't someone make pancakes for breakfast last year?

Double duty

Off we go to wear off breakfast

Water break for the CMs and CCMs

Mom's Favorite Son

'Plays well with others' - Except in hockey


Still on track to reach the camp site

Searching for a Geocache (www.geocaching.com)

Successful find

Who invited D'Artagnan?

You know, if you'll let me use the Coleman Fuel, I can get this thing going a LOT faster!

Maroon team making dinner

Waiting patiently for dinner


Chicken and veggie packages

We're celebrating in style tonight

Three birthdays wishes

I asked Cain, he said it was OK

I asked Auggie, he said it was OK

Is that showercap Auggie?

Enjoying the bug-free confines of the screen house

Team Blue making it happen

Team Green

Tired Pup 1

Tired Pup 2

Tired Pup 3