White Pines Forest State Park, IL - 2005

It's a good thing I can afford to have my personal OT around 24/7

Mmmmmmmmmmmm Coooorrrrrrnnnnn!

Enjoying the last crop of the season.

Straight-Up for me - butter's for the weak

Team Blue making magic happen over the grill

Stuffed flank steak and baked potatoes

Chef Prudhomme enjoying the benefits

Create-Your-Own-Omelet Day - Wow this is fun!  Nice job Team Green

Kris' masterpiece

Guess who wanted to go last

Augie waiting for the fun to start - like omelets weren't enough

The calm before the storm

Just 5 more minutes - please

All ready to go

This is what I'm doing all day - I wonder what Buck's up too?

So - we're thinking of selling the homestead and moving out to Iowa...

Two of the GCS ladies out for a stroll

Double vision

Hey - isn't that Cain's water ... Shhh - Don't tell.

So - Did you hear - There goes the neighborhood...

Tying one on

Official GCS Meeting - And around Chocolate Fondue

Thank god for these head lights!

Location, Location, Location



To You

A nice little surprise by Team Blue - And I'm all drugged up - Rats

Carlos will be out tonight - for sure


Waiting for Breakfast

Team Maroon Day

I can't believe they are letting me use this fire device

Reading Day

Parked for the day again - It's tough getting old!


Speaking of being parked

Treat time

Nap time

Darn those Society rules

Great minds - Pie day number 2

The 'Award'

For second best hockey player in the GCS

I'm just resting my eyes - really

come on people - it's time for breakfast

Micky Dee's has nothing on these two.

I'm not eating until next week

My haven is gone

You're Grounded!

You've heard of jump rope - how about jump fly - anyone want in.

It's not a problem that I'm here, right

The last remains of my shelter

Hmmm - I wonder where we'll go next year - hopefully someplace as fun as this year

I love camping...