Official BY-LAWS of the



History and Purpose

1) The Gourmet Camping Society (GCS) was established in September of 2000 for the enjoyment of its Charter Members.  The Society is a non-profit, for-fun organization.

2) The sole purpose of the Society is to spend at least one long weekend per year enjoying long hikes, tasty food, interesting books, and most of all, great company.  Any other benefit or outcome (weight gain included) is strictly a by-product of being a member and the Society can not be held responsible.

3) The Society Motto is stated below:

No, these arent alcoholic beverages in the State Park, Officer!



1) Charter Members (CMs) shall include three Teams; MWS and PSS (Team Green), DES and KGS (Team Blue), and DPG and KSG (Team Maroon).  Charter Canine Members (CCMs) include Sydney, Anheuser (Auggie), and Cain (CCM ex post facto).  Additional Society Members, Human or Canine, need a 100% Yea vote from Charter Members for admission.

2) Minimum age for Human membership is 21 years old, unless approved by 100% Yea Charter Member Vote.  Minimum age for Canine Members is 1 Year (7 Dog Years), unless approved by 100% Yea Charter Member vote.

3) Feline, Ovine, Bovine, or Any-other-ine members are not allowed.

General Meeting

1) There will be at least one (1) general meeting of the GCS each year.  This meeting will take place sometime during September, not to coincide with the Michigan-Notre Dame football game.

2)  The General Meeting location and scheduling will be a revolving responsibility for the Teams.  Below is the schedule for the next nine years of existence:

2007 Team Green

2008 Team Blue

2009 Team Maroon

2010 Team Green

2011 Team Blue

2012 Team Maroon

2013 Team Green

2014 Team Blue

2015 Team Maroon


3) The meeting location should have the proper facilities to sustain the level of comfort the CMs and CCMs are accustomed to.  These include, but are not limited to:

4) Team Green, since they have the most free time, is recommended to be the advance team in charge of retaining the General Meeting location at their earliest convenience.  The rest of the Teams will wander in at their choosing.


1) Each Team will be responsible for providing themselves, and the rest of the CMs, one full course of Breakfast and Dinner.

2) The particular morning and evening for the teams meal will be decided during the general meeting with consensus votes.

3) The food will be of high quality and contain none of the following:

4) The Team preparing the morning or evening meal shall be absolved of all clean-up duty after said meal, as long as the meal is tasty!

5) Lunches will be the responsibility of each Team if they so desire to have Lunch.

6 The CMs that have responsibility for the CCMs in the Society will be solely responsible for supplying food for their CCMs.


1) Each Team will be responsible for providing their own fluid refreshments.

2) Team Blue, if they so desire, will provide a mixed box of seasonally available wine for the enjoyment of the Society.  The quality of this wine is under no requirement to be of the utmost.  If other CMs of the Society have a problem with this, they are asked to bring their own damn wine.

3)  Sharing of beverages is allowed and encouraged.


1) CMs are allowed to partake in any activity of their choosing.  These can include, but are not limited to:

2) The following activities are not allowed:



1) Membership - There will be a 1 year probationary period for all new members before a vote is conducted.  This is to ensure that the new members has the personality and attitude that defines a typical GCS member.

2) Food - Recipes used during the GCS Annual Meeting are to be collected and made available on the GCS Website.  Team members responsible for the recipes shall have a 3-year exclusivity after the introduction year on modifications to the recipes before other Members can modify and utilize the recipe.  The recipe page can be found here.