Lil G's Room

Hi Everyone!  Look what Mommy and Daddy are doing for me.  I'm so excited!! 

Here's the current progress on the "Baby's Room".  But there's still work to do!  Enjoy

Well, here's the starting point.  It was one of our guest rooms that had the romantic B&B feel.  Pink walls, iron bed, and framed sheet music.  It was enjoyed by many.

Testing the colors.  Tan on Tan.  How exciting!

Cutting in the top color.

Almost done.  Soon there will be no more pink.

Complete - well almost - still need to do the dark tan diamonds on the top.

Anyone need some trim?  Baseboard, base cap, window and door trim with back bands, crown moulding, and a chair rail.  I must be crazy!

But we have reinforcements!  Meme and Pepe come over to help!

Sanding away

Adding a sill extension on the window.

Pepe helping with the crown moulding

There's the soon-to-be-Mommy helping with the new wood floor.  Did I mention that I'm crazy.

Starting the first few rows.

This new floor stapler is worth it's weight in gold. Thanks Dean, Sandy, and Ma!

I hope the new addition likes the room!

Done for the night - over half done already

Show off!

The last row!!

Kelly wanted to make sure my suffering was documented.  Hopefully some sanding will take those out.

Of Course - OSHA was in the house - So I had to have my protective gear.

Notice the newly nice sill extension and new paint

On to the next step - Sanding, staining, and finishing.

Here's More

Reinforcements came over to help with the diamond math.

Trying the first row out.

It's starting to look like a diamond wall.

Wall One - Stage One.  Lots more to do.

Sydney approves, Cain's not so sure.

More taping.

I should have invested in 3M with the amount of tape this requires.

More trim painting - and I want to do this in the entire house...

Painting the rest of Stage one.

The Trim Ladies came to check on the progress.

Missed a Spot

Cain finally approves.

Stage Two - Filling in the holes.

More taping.

The final diamond

Almost done.

Some final touching up.

Here's some more

Pepe helping filling in the gaps with putty

More puttying

Sanding the floor and hallway

Pepe's taking care of the stairs

The finished floor - finally!!

Proud owner

Kelly's bane - Sanding the dresser

Kelly's getting bigger!!

Proud owner II

Just finished the door trim and base

Meme helping with the chair rail

The trim is mostly in!

New window trim

The new stairs - no shoes for a while!

The finished hall

The LAST nail in the trim!!

End of another stage - now onto filling the nail holes

Kelly approves!

Trim around the new heater vent

I hope the little one likes it!

Now we just need some closet doors!

Onto the dresser / changing table

This is grumpy Doug when the paint sprayer isn't working

I was able to prime it once, but the rest will have to be by brush

Tio D came over to lend a much appreciated hand.

It's so close to being done we can taste it - even through that lung protection!

More help from Tio D.

The final painting of the trim - we hope

I guess it's that time to set up the basinet.  It's a good use of time during Monday Night Football.

Getting closer


Ready for Lil' G - Thanks for the basinet, Nana.  It looks great.

Ready for Lil' G - Thanks for the basinet, Nana.  It looks great.


Well - Here it is - After many long hours and lots of help from some important friends!!