Anchorage, AK - First Days and Flat Top Mountain

Palmer, AK - Musk Ox and Alaska State Fair

Kenai Peninsula, AK - Whale Watching Cruise and Marine Science Center

Denali National Park and Camp Denali, AK


MapSource 6.5 GPS Data

(No tracks - just waypoints showing points of interest - trip was pre-GPS for us - too bad!)



Anchorage, AK

Chicago - 2,033 Air Miles!

Start of the Iditarod Dog Sled Race

Whale Wall

On the Trail

The top of Flat Top Mountain

In the wind break

Caterpillar on Flat Top

Mountain Harebell flower

Palmer, AK - Musk Ox Farm and Alaska State Fair

Farm in Palmer, AK

The Musk Ox Farm

Prized for their fine undercoat called Qiviut

A baby Musk Ox -- aren't they cute?

Alaska State Fair

One-Man Band

Halibut Tacos Anyone?

Seeing how she stacks up to the Cabbages

Large Vegetable Display

More Large Vegetables

Kenai Peninsula, AK - Whale Watching Cruise and Marine Science Center

'Kayaking' at the Marine Science Center


Baby Beluga in the Deep Blue Sea

More Belugas

Where the Cruise Ships arrive at Seward

They took us on a 4 hour cruise to see the wildlife

Here's the dock.

Us on the ship

Stellar Sea Lions

Blue ice of Exit Glacier

If you were wondering, this is Kelly Lake

Church at Ninilchik

Fileting a Halibut in Homer - Not Mine

These aren't mine either - We didn't go fishing

Frank's Next Truck

Denali National Park and Camp Denali

The plane we took for an aerial view of Denali

Denali in the distance

Cathedral Mountain

The Great One

Close up of Denali --peak of 20,320 feet

Glacial Flow off Denali

The ride into Camp Denali, 90 miles from the Park entrance

Mama Bear makes an appearance on the ride in

Mama and her three cubs

Getting close to the bus

Moose sighting close to Camp Denali

Denali from the road

Wonder Lake with a wonderful view

Camp Denali from the road

Camp Denali Entrance

Our Cabin - '40 Below'

It has all the amenities!

Writing desk with a view to Denali


Beautiful quilts

Heat source - wood bin was stocked daily - thank heavens!


Kelly in the old food cache

The Lodge (living room area)

Nugget Pond next to the Lodge

Current food store house

Riffles building (Research Room, Gear Room, and Showers)

Day 1 - A hike around Camp Denali - Here we're looking for beavers with Ed (our guide)

On the trail

Siberian Aster


Blueberries (Yummm)

Bear Berries

Drying out after the moist day

Chilling the wine for dinner (BYOB)

Day 2 - A hike in the Polychrome pass with Johan (our guide)

Polychrome rocks

More colors

and more colors

Watching Mama Bear and the three cubs

Here they are

Taking a rest

Pretty rugged terrain

Climbing up one of the ravines

Day 3 - A bike ride back to Camp Denali from the Eielson Visitor Center


Day 4 - A hike up the ridge behind Camp Denali

Camp Denali as seen from the ridge

View of Wonder Lake

Autumn is quickly coming


Quartz Rock

Red Lichen

The route to the Pika Haus (a warming hut)

Clouds coming over the ridge

Pika Haus "warming hut"

Full service

Final Evening at Camp Denali

Denali shows off

The bus ride back out

Final views...

which only makes us want to return!