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CEO Circle 2000-2001

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Here's our hotel - The Hyatt Regency

Nice white sand beaches

The beach goers

This is 'Iguana' Dundee

He took us on a Safari Challenge

Packing up for the day out adventuring

Off we go

First Challenge - Relay Race

On your mark...

It looks like I'm winning, but we didn't

Lighthouse by the beach

We were on Team Chuchubi - it's a local bird species

All lined up

Enjoying the sun

Next Challenge - Rock Pile Building - We didn't win this either

Old mine building

A natural bridge


Off we go again, but this time I'm driving!

Next Challenge - Kind of scavenger hunt - WE WON THIS!

The Divi-Divi Trees

The jazz band at Dinner

Restaurant display

Kelly taking in the view from our balcony 

Transportation to Dinner the second night

This is the life!

The band that greeted us in port

They draw a pretty large crowd of fans

The band leader

Snorkeling day

Here I go!

Time for a break

Dinner reception the last night