Ferry Ride from Portland, ME to Yarmouth, NS

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island

New Brunswick

Campobello Island

Acadia National Park

Ferry Ride

Waiting to get on the Ferry from Portland, ME to Yarmouth, NS

It was a rainy night

 Little Boy Blue is somewhere in there

 What's with the long hair?

 Writing in the travel journal

 Let's see - I put the money in and then what?

 Arriving in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

 Very pretty place

 Not too bad after a night's sleep on a boat

Nova Scotia

 That's the ferry in the background

 The first of many lighthouses

 Lots of lobster traps, too

 I'm thinking jig-saw puzzle

Some ominous looking weather came through 

An Acadian Church

 With lots of flowers

A statue of Longfellow's Evangeline

 A friend we made.

Prince Edward Island

The Ferry to PEI

One of my favorite lighthouses

The view from the top

 Little Boy Blue waiting patiently

 A nice spot for some reading

 Or a romantic walk on the beach

 Another lighthouse

 Near some steep shorelines

 Red, White, and Blue

 Blue Herons abound

 The fishing docks

 Someone's lobster trap markers

 Someone else's lobster trap markers

 Another lighthouse

 Art Shot - Sorry

If you can't figure out what this rock formation is called, you need some help.

OK, OK, it's Elephant Rock. 

 In the harbor at Charlottetown

 Another harbor shot

 Charlottetown reflection

 Guess what...

 Correct - another lighthouse

New Brunswick

 The new (in '97) bridge from PEI to New Brunswick

 Camping in the Bay of Fundy

 Which has one of the largest differences between high tide and low tide

 We were here during low tide, obviously

 The fishermen have to plan their trips carefully

 Flower Pot Rocks

 Little Boy Blue blew a sneaker

 But the fine people at Sussex Tire Service, LTD. got us going again.

 All packed in again.

 Waiting for the ferry to Campobello Island

 Here it is.

Campobello Island

 The route to another one of my favorite lighthouses

 This lighthouse was three islands out

 You can walk there during low tide

 But be careful not to get caught out as the tide comes in

 This was FDR's summer cottage

 He had his Fireside Chats here

 Kelly with the flowers

Acadia National Park

 A lighthouse at Acadia National Park in Maine

 Bar Harbor ( or really Bah Hahbah)

 Kelly looking at the view

 Some of the boats that were docked

The dock lanterns were picturesque

 The rocky shore of Acadia National Park