Day 1 - Seaplane From Houghton, MI to Rock Harbor - Hike from Rock Harbor to Lane Cove

Day 2 - Lane Cove to Daisy Farm

Day 3 - Daisy Farm to West Chicken Bone

Day 4 - West Chicken Bone to Todd Harbor

Day 5 - Todd Harbor  to Little Todd

Day 6 - Little Todd to North Desor

Day 7 - North Desor to Windigo

Day 8 - Seaplane Out to Houghton, MI


MapSource 6.5 GPS Data



Little Bart all loaded up

Getting a new haircut for the trip

Laurium Inn, Houghton, MI

Fireplace at the Inn

Original circuit panel

Stained glass window

Painted ceiling

Going to the Island

Views from above

Lots of green

Water landing

Here's the plane's dock

Going to the Ranger Station to check-in.

Mushrooms were everywhere

We called this the 'Dog Toy' mushroom

First day with the GPS on the trail

Kelly pointing out the trail according to the GPS

Lunch break - On our way to Lane Cove Campground

Our neighbors at Lane Cove arrived via kayak

Daisies at Lane Cove


On top of Mt. Franklin

The view down to Lane Cove

Taking in the vista

Old tree stump

What a cute couple

The effects of Lake Superior water

It was very refreshing

Cabin at Daisy Farm campground - It was like Grand Central Station

There were tons of butterflies on this bush

What's for dinner?

A spider's masterpiece

Bullwinkle ...

... and again - He was very big.

Kelly taking a rest at West Chicken Bone campground

The morning light at West Chicken Bone

The dock at Todd Harbor campground

Catching up on the classics - The Jungle Books

Reading is hard work

Interesting fungus or something

Sunset at Little Todd Harbor

Calling Ma from the Island

Is this really where the trail is?

Now that feels good on the ol' dogs

Rock was never this comfortable

Kelly on the trail to Lake Desor

This was not staged! - We just found it like this.


Golden Rod - This picture will make Kelly's Mom sneeze.

The Junction to North Desor campground

Airing out the boots

Rocks, dead trees, I'll sleep on anything


Camp at North Desor

Sunset at Lake Desor

Kelly's favorite privy

A friend we meet on the trail

We made it to Windigo

Kelly resting after 60 miles of hiking

Morning mist in Windigo

The plane ride home

Final views.