5-Day Backpacking trip in the Indian Heaven Wilderness

Day Hike up Mount Saint Helens



Indian Heaven Wilderness

Mount St. Helens

The gang at the start

Off we go

Mom, are you in there?

Glacier Lily

Watch your step

Here's a nice place to rest

A study in purple

Meeting Mom and Dad for the first time

Would you let your daughter date this guy?

Advance Scout Merrie

Advance Scout Al

Mount Adams

Going up for some pictures

More Adams (notice the clear cutting below the tree line)

Snow in July

Lunch break

No, I'm going to carry the moonshine!

Nice shorts! 

Waterfall along the way

This is where we were

I guess they're not too disappointed with their daughters choice

A couple of great people

Well, they haven't pushed me off the mountain yet, I must be doing OK

Let me know if someone comes down this trail

Mom testing out the new Sealy Posturepedic Backpack - Very Comfy

A moment to ponder ...

a wonderful  view

"... and that's how the Theory of Relativity can be used to prove the existence of dark matter"

I must have been a lot smarter with long hair!

Cool Hand Mom

What's for dinner?

This is where the bridge is that I'm going to take a nap on.

See, told you so.

A subtle hint from the considerate advanced scouts

All we need here are a couple of moose

I'm sure this picture turned out awesome.  And they still didn't push me off the mountain.

Hey, I could have something long-term here.

Someone's been drinking too much moonshine!

The beauty parlor, reservations required

More snow in July

Not seeing eye-to-eye

No really, would you let your daughter date this guy?

Mount Saint Helens

I wonder where I put that long hair wig...

Lupine near Mt. St. Helens

The vegetation is still not recovered

Spotted Coral-Root Orchid

Indian Paint Brush

Some charred trees from the eruption

More Indian Paintbrush

An old tree stump

The gang by the old tree stump

Mom wondering how Dad's doing on the Rogue River

More Lupine

Done for the day