The "Stairs" Project - 2006

Here are the most unattractive stairs in the western Suburbs.

Another view...

And another - 1978 in all it's glory!  I think the carpet was old back then!

I don't like the trim much...

And I'm envisioning new railings with Iron.

So one week after New Year's - I take the plunge and rip the carpets out.

We knew there was oak treads underneath that have been screaming to come out.  But that stain...

My attempt of getting rid of the ugly trim - Oops - looks like I can't remove it - now what?

Patching the 8000 staple holes.

A little bit of sanding takes care of the stain - phew...

All the holes.

How am I going to fix the damaged trim?  Looks like I'll need to put some hardwood on the landings.

Painting the risers.

Looking much better.

Is this the same place?

Putting oak at the top.


A new bull nose is in and the flooring starts.

Yep - that's me having fun.

I'm thinking here that I haven't really bought any cool new tools yet.  That's not right.

Look what we can do...

But there was some inevitable damage to the walls.

Drywall mudding time - my favorite - not.

The breakfast of champions.

Looking good  - getting ready to put hardwood at the bottom.

Deciding which way the pattern should go.

We have a decision...

Still looking like I'm having fun.

Ta Da!

Now this is where the scope creep starts.

We decide to get rid of the vintage 1970s tiling for a more updated look.

I have a few good pieces from the removal if anyone wants some cheap tile.

Cleaning up the stair trim was the messiest job to date.  Kelly's still pulling wood out of her hair!

First look at the new tile.  We hope you like it.

Making mountains out of molehills.

We're having fun now - But still no new tools!

This one I had to rent.  Bummer.

We went with a mosaic on the border and a diagonal pattern in the field.

Even into the closet.

OK - That's enough of the new tile - back to the rest of the project.

More repairs of the stair trim.

Priming the trim.

The final routed edge - much nicer - we'll cap it with a small piece of moulding.

The primed trim.

Looking better every day.

Testing the new wall color and trim color in the closet.

Prepping for the upstairs hallway.  Dan, the brother-in-law, is coming over to help!

Turns out me and paper don't mix well.

That's Dan - Wait a minute - that looks like a new tool - with a red hose leading somewhere.  Yep - a new compressor and nail guns!  Nice.

Kelly getting in on the Gun Nailing action.

Kelly's bane and OSHA would NOT approve!

Working in the hallway.

Smiling now that the ceiling's almost done.

Dan had to go to the theater so he left - likely story!

Kelly and I stayed up a little longer and got some more done.

Custom work around the bathroom door.

Wow - this looks great!

The completed hallway - still needs sanding, stain, and sealer.

Continued here ...